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Consulting Services

Consultation is perhaps one the most important services we provide. It's certainly the most requested! We consult on all aspects of pond and lake management, from design to maintenance. Along with private pond owners, our clients include corporations, horse farms, golf courses, homeowner & lake associations. For a fee, we will provide on-site inspections and consultations throughout Kentucky.

  • Management Planning whether your concerns are water quality improvement, weed and algae control, or fish and wildlife management, we will work closely with you to develop a plan that both meets your goals and fits your budgets.
  • Pond Design may be the most important factor in the long-term health of your pond. Location, depth, side slopes, watershed influences, containment basins, control structures, water sources and long-term maintenance are important considerations that will be addressed. We can provide assistance with and help coordinate work with excavators, well-drillers and landscapers.
  • Project Design geared toward achieving your management goals. Projects commonly include custom aeration systems, aquatic plant restoration and fish habitat improvement.
  • Aquatic Plant Surveys can determine the type and extent of aquatic plants (weeds) and algae in your lake or pond. This information can be used to develop treatment plans and evaluate treatment effectiveness.
  • Watershed Analysis is essential for identifying nutrient loading concerns. Excess nutrients speed the aging process of ponds and lakes and add to weed and algae problems. Often simple changes in design or management can significantly improve water quality.
  • Water Quality Analysis can be performed to identify health concerns, excess nutrients, fish growth and survival needs. Analysis of water quality parameters is essential for prioritizing management needs and developing effective management programs.
  • Water Level Surveys are conducted on ponds with unstable water levels. Information is used to identify causes and recommend programs to remedy the problem.
  • Lake Studies often include many of the above analyses and assessments. These large-scale projects are used to develop Comprehensive Lake Management Plans. The Pond Lady works closely with Lake Associations and Districts to collect accurate lake data, review management options and develop realistic long-term goals.
  • Aeration Systems Design whether it's a 1/4 acre pond or a 1,000 acre lake we have the technical knowledge, the real world experience and the right equipment to design the proper system for your needs.
  • Algae & Weed Identification
  • Phone Consult
  • Erosion Control


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