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Lake Bed Aeration

A thermocline is the boundary between warmer surface water and cooler deep water. These areas do not usually mix naturally. The surface water is oxygenated by contact with the air and supports marine life. The deep water soon loses its oxygen through digestion of organic matter on the pond bottom and cannot support desirable marine life, including the beneficial aerobic bacteria that digest organic matter using oxygen. This aerobic digestion of organic matter does not release nutrients that would promote re-growth of undesirable plants like algae. However, digestion of organic matter without adequate oxygen is done by anaerobic bacteria that work much more slowly, that release nutrients back into the water, and that release noxious gases that often cause lakes to smell bad.

For more information on lake ecology read: Lake and Pond Ecology - Limnology Basics

The ACI Lake Bed Aerator (LBA) is designed to pump large volumes of water from near the bottom to the surface where it spreads out in contact with the air and becomes oxygenated. The pumping action is created by millions of tiny bubbles emitted by the diffuser that rise and entrain water with them. The spacing of the diffuser tubes on the proprietary AirPro diffuser optimizes the pumping action compared to disc diffuser. The circulating water forces an inflow to the diffuser, thus quickly circulating the entire lake with well oxygenated water so that organic digestion is accomplished aerobically.

Problems Related to Stratification of Lakes

  • Fish kills
  • Foul odors
  • Low oxygen levels
  • Weed growth
  • Bad water clarity
  • Algae growth
Image showing thermal stratification

Benefits of Lake Bed Aeration

  • Increases the breakdown of fish waste by providing the habitat for beneficial pond bacteria to flourish
  • When operated continuously in freezing climates, these pumps will keep open areas in the ice to allow toxic gases to escape and sunlight to enter
  • Promotes a healthy ecosystem and larger fish by eliminating oxygen highs and lows and creates equal water temperatures from top to bottom


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