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Pond Description

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Approx. surface area of pond(s):  A.     B.    C. 

Describe shape of pond(s): please click below







Other please describe

Average pond depth: Maximum depth:

How far do shallow areas extend into pond?

Water Analysis

Does pond surface become covered with algae?: Yes NoWhat %:

Have you experienced any of the following?:

Freeze outs Foul odors Lack of clarity Excessive weeds

Other problems:

Have you used chemicals to deal with these problems?: Yes No

Do you plan to use them in the future?: Yes No

Do fertilizers run off into your pond?: Yes No

Pond water source: Ocean River/Stream Well Runoff

Pond uses: Aesthetic Irrigation Drainage/Runoff Recreation

Aerator Information

Is your goal water quality improvement?: Yes No

Are aesthetics important?: Yes No

Do you want a fountain spray pattern?: Yes No

If answered "no" above, is your pond "bottom equipment" friendly?: Yes No

Do you want a lighting option?: Yes No

Will aerator(s) operate year-round?: Yes No

What is your budget?: When do you expect to purchase?:

Do you have any existing aerators, or experience with aerators?:

Technical Information

Is electricity available at pond(s)?: Yes No

  If "yes"  50Hz 60Hz

 Voltage:    Phase:    Amps:     Buried wire size:

If "no"Distance from electrical source to pond in feet:


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