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AquaBlok Pond Management Products

Algae Issues? The Solution is ClearSM

BARACLEAR© is a unique time-release water clarification and phosphorus removal material representing a patented formulation of historically-proven water clarification solutions. The product is distinguished largely by its physical characteristics – which allow for dramatically improved, targeted application of active ingredients to the sediment/water interface, where phosphorus resides.

Owners and managers of ponds, lakes, and other waterways – e.g. golf course superintendents, public waterworks and reservoir managers, industrial manufacturers, fish farmers, and of course private pond owners – will appreciate the effectiveness and ease of use of BARACLEAR.

  • SUMMARY: BARACLEAR is a sodium bentonite and aluminum sulfate (or "alum") based, controlled-release formulation intended to inactivate phosphorus, reduce algal growth, and clarify water
  • BARACLEAR is NOT a herbicide, algaecide, copper treatment, or biological media
  • BARACLEAR takes the form of a natural "stone-shaped particle," ranging in size from approximately 1/4 to 3/8" in diameter; its limestone core aids in targeted placement as well as pH buffering
  • BARACLEAR is available in 50-lb. (5-gallon) pails and/or FBIC "Super Sacks" (for very large applications) and can be applied either by hand or with the use of traditional broadcasting equipment

Losing Your Lake? Stop the LeakSM

PONDSEAL™, like all AquaBlok products, utilizes a dense aggregate (limestone) core to deliver naturally mined bentonite clay through a water column to any area where a leak is suspected. Due to the extreme low-permeability, considerable weight (density), and robust swelling characteristics of this novel composite particle, each individual "pebble-like" unit swells into adjacent particles to produce a uniform and durable layer – stopping the leak at its source.

Now, pond owners or water resource managers alike can benefit from the proven technology behind AquaBlok's respected environmental remediation products. Sodium bentonite is well known for its sealing capability, but AquaBlok's bentonite-coated aggregate product provides more effective application of this sealing material.

  • SUMMARY: PONDSEAL is a proprietary sodium bentonite and calcium carbonate (limestone) derived material that reliably targets and remedies leaking earthen water basins by application through the water column (without "drawn down", i.e. removal of the water)
  • PONDSEAL, like other AquaBlok materials, takes the form of a natural "stone-shaped particle" and typically ranges in size from approximately 1/4 to 3/8” in diameter (although smaller and larger sizes can be made available for specialized applications)
  • PONDSEAL is available in 50-lb. bags and/or FBIC "Super Sacks" (by the ton) and can be applied either by hand (for very small applications) or with the use of traditional broadcasting equipment

To order products and/or for additional information, please contact us either by phone (859) 278-POND (7663) or via email at lynn@thepondlady.com. A technical sales representative will be happy to assist you.


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