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Scenic Lagoon with Aquatic Plant Growth

Water has historically been an important component of the aesthetics and management of golf courses and parks. The diverse terrains of many golf courses rely on ponds and waterways to increase course challenge as well as provide vital water sources for fairways and greens. Parks and parkways incorporate ponds and lagoons to provide reflective qualities and waterfowl habitats important to their patrons. Highly managed terrain and other turf management ractices surrounding these ponds and waterways has in many cases had a negative affect on their general water quality.

Consequently, these shallow water hazards and scenic lagoons located on well-fertilized, manicured golf courses and parkland are prime targets for noxious aquatic plant growth. Drainage and runoff supplying these waterways carry high concentrations of nutrients. Unsightly, overgrown ponds detract from the beauty of a course and may interfere with operation of irrigation systems. Recent emphasis by state and federal agencies has been placed on the development of urban fishing programs within city parks. Shoreline fishing by children and senior citizens is greatly inhibited or curtailed by heavy aquatic growth. Aquatic vegetation control programs should be developed at parks and golf courses to complement grounds management efforts.


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