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Fish Hiding - Reclaimed Artificial Fish Habitats

Artificial Fish Habitat Structures

The unique ability to shape each fish habitat, sets these PVC fish attractors apart. If you own a ranch, garden pond, private pond or lake, growing healthy fish is important to you. Provide habitat from shallow water out to deep breaklines to act as habitat highways. Five minutes to bend to shape and toss in the lake. Structure sinks upright with the included, self weighted "oak stump" base. Fun for all ages from kids to folks with grandkids, everyone can improve fish habitat. No tools or other items required.

Small Pond Fish Habitat

8 inch Cradle Fry Fish Habitat
8 inch Cradle Fry Fish Habitat

Do you have a backyard garden pond, koi pond, aquarium or any other smaller water with fish? If you do, you know that your fish need hiding places just as much as big water fish do. Birds, cats, raccoons all eat fish and steal from ponds. Give your fish a place to hide from the sun and dangerous predators.

Made from reclaimed PVC vinyl, each unit can be removed and sprayed off with a hose to clean. Different textures appeal to different species and sizes of fish. Create an under water forest that fish can swim,scratch and hide in. Smaller in size and coverage, these units can all be bent and trimmed to your exact needs. Try a three pack and watch the fish enjoy their new home.

Shallow Water Fry and Forage Habitat

Bassinet Artificial Fish Habitat
Bassinet Artificial Fish Habitat

Shallow habitat is the key to a balanced Eco-system. Fish move to shallow water to build beds, nests and spawning areas. Here the fry are hatched, beginning imediately to find cover or get eaten. Tight dense habitat provides fry with small areas to get into and grow. Here they find larve and insects feeding on the algae. Like any infant, they need protection from the elements and danger.

Growing forage in your lake or pond is your own stocking program. You can feed and grow more big fish if you provide enough food. The size of the food dictates how big the fish can grow. Ample shallow habitat allows fish to survive longer, growing larger before heading out to deep water. Once fish reach the three to five inch size, they become a good meal for a bass or other predator fish. Large enough to survive to maturity, or make a great meal.

Replace the fine, woody habitat along your shoreline that has rotted away with artificial habitat that lasts forever. Clusters of fine, flexible and dense cover like the Cradle model grow algae fast to feed the baby fry. Set shallow cover adjacent to known spawing areas or to replace weeds and vegetation that have been removed. Protect your fry by allowing the habitat to break the waters surface in some areas. This keeps any fish from swimming above a feeding on your fry.

Build Your Own Fish Habitat

Keeper-Loose-3-Pack Fish Attractors
Keeper-Loose-3-Pack Fish Attractors

We are now offering loose, pre-cut vinyl that you can use to make your own fishiding artificial fish habitat structures.

Our reclaimed PVC material comes cleaned, cut and ready for sinking.

Fish attractors with infinite possibilities. Density, texture, size, height, width and weight can be customized for each lake, pond, fish species and age class. Make sure to install a continuous line of habitat from shallow to deep water, don't forget the intermediate depths fish attractors.

You add the cement, sand, water and your own container to build your own custom fishiding fish habitat. Mix some fine textured limbs with the wide PVC limbs to hold bait and predator fish.

Large Artificial Fish Habitat

Artificial Fish Habitat Starter Pack
Artificial Fish Habitat Starter Pack

Big predator fish need large scale habitat to feed and hide in. These artificial fish attractors not only cover large sections of lake bottom, but equally large surface areas. The key to any type of good fish habitat is the ability to grow ample algae. The food chain begins here, as well as the fish that are looking for a meal. Algae adheres to the textured surface and begins to grow in a few weeks.

When fish are hatched in the shallow habitat, then they move deeper as they grow. If they don't have some sort of cover to follow all the way out to deep water, they often get eaten before growing large. The Safehouse model is the perfect intermediate fish habitat from four feet and deeper. Always venturing deeper, the fish want to explore.

As fish mature, it takes bigger meals than the minnows in the shallows to put on bulk. The largest fish in any food chain will utilize deep water cover to ambush larger prey. Most lakes have some sort of secondary breakline, dropping off into the lake basin. This becomes the central highway, a key area to install large deep water habitat.

Anywhere from eight feet and deeper often holds the important thermocline and the big fish. Our Keeper model creates a large area for fish to hunt. Bass prefer tight cover with shade. Crappie seem to prefer cover vertical cover like sticks or stakes, with more open space to move freely inside.

The larger area of cover you provide, the larger number of fish can use it at one time. We recommend at least three fish structures of any type be used in a group, although seven to ten can hold dozens of large fish and forage. Experiment with varieties and layouts to offer the fish the most variety.

Structurespot Fish Habitat Markers

Deepspot Fish Structure Spots
Deepspot Fish Structure Spots

How do you know where the crib lands after dropping overboard? It's hard to know exactly, after the bubbles dissapear. Best results are achieved by accurate structure placement. The ability to place individual fish attractors in a pre-designed shape, allow the installer to dictate where the fish will be. Whether your looking to create a straight line, or a complex design of triangles, you need to know where the fish crib comes to rest. Each fish attractor should just touch the next one to give fish a safe area to move around and patrol.

These markers clip on any type of product to be thrown into water to mark the spot. Create a key point or inside turn that you can see with your own eyes before dissapearing forever. Pull each spot free after the whole group is installed and wind up to use again. Accurate structure placement is the key to catching more fish in any type of water.

To order products and/or for additional information, please contact us either by phone (859) 278-POND (7663) or via email at lynn@thepondlady.com. A technical sales representative will be happy to assist you.


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