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Vertex Water Features

Vertex Water Features

Vertex designs and manufactures bottom diffused lake and pond aerators. Aeration is an environmentally friendly method to increase oxygen and decrease the existing stratification of ponds and lakes. Aerating the water can reduce freshwater fish kills, support plant life, control algae growth by limiting its food source and aid decomposition of suspended organic material and muck on the bottom of the lake.

Aeration Jet Fountain

Pond Aeration System: What, Why, How & When?

Through circulation, the water is able to release harmful gases that build up on the bottom into the atmosphere, thereby further improving water quality and eliminating any unpleasant odors. A pond aeration system improves the aesthetics and overall health of a body of water.

Tripod Fountain

Vertex Water Features is a leading manufacturer of custom floating fountains to enhance the landscape of communities, parks, golf courses, hotels, and other properties. Floating fountains utilize, pumps, displays, nozzles and submersible lights for that perfect look for any pond or lake.

Great News! Vertex Aeration Systems are ETL Certified.

Vertex floating fountains are available in 11 standard displays to accommodate various sized ponds and lakes. We can also custom design a floating fountain to meet your specific needs. Vertex is the industry standard in custom floating fountains and pond aeration systems. Our professional staff provides each customer with the highest quality aerators and fountains to match their needs.

To order products and/or for additional information, please contact us either by phone (859) 278-POND (7663) or via email at lynn@thepondlady.com. A technical sales representative will be happy to assist you.


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