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The definition of what constitutes a lake varies from region to region, but a general guide is that a lake is any body of water with a surface area of 5 acres or greater. Lakes can be naturally occurring or man-made. Types of naturally occurring lakes include: seepage lakes fed by rainfall, groundwater and limited runoff from land (no stream outlet present); groundwater drainage lakes fed by rainfall, groundwater and limited runoff from land (stream outlet present); and drainage lakes fed by streams, rainfall, groundwater and runoff from land (stream outlet present). Man-made lakes typically are impoundments created by the damming of a stream. This type also has a stream outlet. Lakes can be of variable depths with shallower lakes typically displaying greater aquatic plant growth potential due to increased littoral zones. Littoral zones are areas of lake bottom where sufficient amounts of sunlight can penetrate the water column to support aquatic plant growth. Littoral zones are usually limited to shoreline areas, but may extend to many regions of a lake depending upon the topography of the bottom.

Increasing development of lakeshore areas and intensive recreational-use pressure being placed upon these resources have dictated the need for developing responsible water management programs. Aquatic plants, which had previously grown in unused or undeveloped areas, suddenly present a problem to recreational users and riparian owners. Fouled outboard motor props, snagged fishing lines, a declining fishery, uninviting swimming conditions and falling property values are a few of the problems associated with prolific aquatic growth. Symptomatic control is necessary until more permanent solutions can be researched, financed and implemented.


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